Overgrown yard battle

For nearly two years, W. E. Williams and Talmage McKillip have been battling over Mckillip's yard.  The yard is not in good condition, and Williams thinks McKillip should have to clean it up.

Williams contacted Potter County to handle the situation.  The county, through an ordinance, has the ability to step in and clean the property themselves, if the property creates health hazards to the county.  This is a case that the county has stepped in on.  However, the county has had a tough time just stepping in and cleaning up the property.  According to 1st Assistant County Attorney David Kemp, there have been a few discussions on the matter.  County Judge Arthur Ware does not think it is in the county's best interest to clean up the property, but the commissioners want the county to step in.

McKillip was given 90 days to clean up the property and could not do so.

Newschannel 10's Jacob Albracht met with all the parties to see where the situation stood today.