Amarillo Stores Handle Recalls

It's popular for Amarilloans to buy children's items like car seats or cribs second hand. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg checked up to see how local stores make sure they aren't selling you items that have ever been recalled. She joins us live in the studio with what she found.

We've seen three recalled items in the last few weeks come through the newsroom. It appears consignments stores see them almost everyday.

"I was just checking them a minute ago and we had three this week.  Some days I might get 4 or 5 about anything from clothing to equipment to anything in between," says Kari Brock.

Brock says recalled items are immediately taken off the shelves and shipped back to the manufacturer - selling those items would be against the law. She then posts signs so customers know of the latest recall. Most parents we spoke with try to stay on top of what's no longer safe.

"Anytime I've bought a product I've always mailed in the little card that comes with it back to the manufacturer so recalls come in my mailbox, it's very important to stay on top of especially in the health of a baby," says Missy Cogdill.

"I want to make sure my son will be safe I don't want him to sleep in a crib that's going to collapse or something that's going to fall apart," says Jessica Bedell.

Brock says when it comes to new items, it's up to the customer to research if a recall is issued down the road.

"The most important thing is to send the warranty cards in that everyone throws away so they have a place and a way to contact you," says Brock.

And if you can, check it out before you buy.

"I wouldn't say never purchase anything at a garage sale, but it's important, if you want to save and get a great deal thats great but I would check it out."