Gas Pump Calibrations

Gas stations in Texas have a special sticker on the pump to let you know your getting your moneys worth when you fill up.

NewsChannel 10 met with The Texas Department of Agriculture to see how they make sure your getting an accurate gallon of gas.  Joe Finley, who tests pumps for TDA says they'll pump five gallons of each kind of gas and make sure it meets the state's tolerance.

NewsChannel 10 checked to see what the TDA found in Randall and Potter Counties over the past few years. Their records show they tested 62 gas stations, 28 pumps gave out a little more than the standard, 14 fell shot of the standard, and six were improperly maintained. Gas stations have 30 days to fix any problems.

If you suspect you are not receiving your money's worth or a pump is not working properly, you can call 1-800-tell-tda.