Accidental Deaths on the Rise

Accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States for people between the ages one and forty one and those numbers are rising. That's according to the National Safety Council. NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente explains.

Poisoning is the fastest rising cause of accidental deaths. From over the counter to prescription drugs, statistics show people are misusing their medicine. "Substances are more convenient, medications come in all different ways, ore convenient to get our medication, also makes it easier for people to get poisoned," says Ronica Farrarr of the Poison Control Center.

The Poison Control Center says last year there were thirty accidental deaths in Texas, two were under the age of five. "Children are the ones who do not normally die, they take a lick and then stop because of the taste. Adults get mixed up, take the wrong medication," says Farrar.

That's why Poison Control and local pharmacists say everyone should pay close attention to what and how much they are taking. "Education is a big one, a lot of people think won't happen to me. We all live such a busy life so a lot of it deals with carelessness, that plays a big part of it," says Farrar.

"Kids keep out of their reach, adults use common sense, follow those directions," say Dick Storseth, a local pharmacist.  If you still have questions about your medications, the best solution is to call your pharmacist or doctor.