How Local Stores Handle Recalls

Child seats, swings... baby cribs, you name it - it's been recalled.
   And lately, on a weekly basis.
   NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live in the studio to explain how stores who sell used items make sure what they are selling you is safe.  
   It's something stores in Amarillo check on everyday, so they can pull the items off their shelves if they sell it.
   Sometimes retailers hear about 4 or 5 recalls a day via email, and they post the info for customers to see.   
   This store has even stopped selling certain items because it wasn't worth staying on top of the recalls.
"We don't sell used car seats because there are so many recalls, and also you can never guarantee it's never been in an accident, because if it has it needs to be tossed, destroyed or thrown away," says Kari Brock.
   They receive emails from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission daily - and you should too.

   Log on to where you can see if anything your child uses has been recalled.