New law restricts registered sex offenders in Dumas

Registered sex offenders now have fewer places to live in Dumas.  One sex offender tells us he's actually in favor of a new law that aims to keep people like himself away from children.

Twenty-four registered sex offenders call dumas home, according to state statistics.  Now those and other offenders won't be able to move into a home within 500 feet of a school, park, or other common place for children.

One Dumas sex convict says he'd support an even tougher law.   "If I had to move out of town just to keep the rest of these sick people away from them then I'll do it," he says.  The man insists the law is appropriate for him, even though he committed a sex crime against an adult.

"Anything to keep the children safe is fine with me, even if it involves me," he adds.  He does not consider himself a threat to children; something parents find hard to believe.

"How do I know that he might not be interested in a kid later, you know?" asks Dumas mother Luisa Sosa.  One city official says the law that takes effect this week will send a clear signal to sex offenders - find somewhere else to live.