Shumate Speaks Out About Allegations

The Potter County Sheriff is reacting today to a federal investigation surrounding him.

Sheriff Mike Shumate is in the spotlight a day after his second in command announced he's stepping down because of allegations made against Shumate and that he's putting his hat in the ring for for the boss' job.

Today we went to Shumate for answers. He tells NewsChannel 10 he feels betrayed by the comments made by Chief Deputy Ken Farren.

According to Shumate the federal probe started 18 months ago. He says accusations were made against him, that he's a crook.

"Someone got angry and started making some wild allegations with no basis and fact, and here we are today" said Shumate.

Shumate says he hasn't done anything wrong and according to him, the probe is over.

We called the FBI to get some answers and we haven't received a call back.

The election is in 2008, no word yet whether Shumate is planning on running again.