Free Lunches For Hungry Kids

Hundreds of Amarillo children will not go hungry this summer thanks to one local organization. 
NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente went along with City Church volunteers as they delivered food to hungry kids.

About thirty volunteers of all ages spent most of their Monday morning preparing more than eight hundred sack lunches all to make sure hungry kids have a good meal straight from the heart. "This is the heart of City Church, this is what we do, we minister to children, we're trying to take care of their physical needs too and make sure they know we love them and care about them," says Anna Clement, City Church Food Director.

Volunteers pack fresh fruit and goodies into each sack. Some know first hand how important this meal can be. "At first it made me feel like I was the only one getting this and I feel weird, after saw others getting it, made me feel better because I knew I was not the only one getting the food," says Quadren McKind, a volunteer who used to receive free lunches.

Another volunteer who also used to recive free lunches Raven Hunt adds, "it's really difficult because you're digging through your refrigerator like what am I going to eat today." Now these girls are helping deliver free lunches to those in need. "When we left and pulled out, they were like thank you, bye and they were all smiling," says Hunt.

For others,this is a life lesson they will never forget. "It makes me realize that I need to be grateful for the things I have and when I get older I want to give back to the community and do what city church does and help the kids,": says Aleixia Mills, a City Church volunteer.

City Church expects to feed at least 1300 kids each day by the end of the summer. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or have free lunches sent to your neighborhood, you can contact City Church at 371-0089.