Amarillo Lands on Drug Website

"It's a shame, you know. We're using technology for such an awful purpose."
"It's a shame, you know. We're using technology for such an awful purpose."

Just by logging onto the internet, your child can learn where to find marijuana and who to get it from.  NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente finds out that there is a website that lists hundreds of cities with information about the illegal drug and Amarillo is on the list.

NewsChannel 10 told parents that Amarillo was on the list and they were shocked.

"First of all I was unaware of it, so I am very concerned because my child has access to the internet," says parent Luz Martinez.

So do lots of other children.  At the click of a mouse, they could stumble upon the website.

"Kids are curious.  You know, whether they are looking for it or not, they're going to look it up and see what they can get out of it.  It's a shame, you know.  We're using technology for such an awful purpose," says Martinez.

Another concerned parent, Mark Sifuentes adds, "Kind of knew it would be like that, but having it out there where they can get it more easily is not ok."

Close to 700 cities across the world are listed on the website, and each day new places are added.  The website gives details on where to find marijuana, who to get it from, and how police allegedly enforce the area.

"A lot of people believe what they read on the internet.  I'm telling you after reading that, that's prime evidence that what you read on the internet may not always be true," says Lt. Erick Bonhannon of the Amarillo Police Department.

Police have already arrested more than 200 people for possession of marijuana this year and say they will continue to crack down on the problem, but say that parents must also help out.

"They're always going to find a way to do it no matter what.  As parents, we are going to have to keep more of an eye on what our children do and just try to keep that away from them as much as possible," says Sifuentes.

Martinez adds, "I'm shocked, appalled, that a web site like this exists.  Whoever did it, we need to get rid of it.  We don't need it.  I had no idea, so now I'm going to go home and look it up."