Marijuana Online

Lt. Erick Bohannon, Amarillo Police Department
Lt. Erick Bohannon, Amarillo Police Department

The next time your child logs online to surf the web, they could come across a website that directs them where and from whome to buy marijuana. News Channel 10's Felicia Lafuente talked to the Amarillo Police about it.

Close to seven hundred cities across the world are listed on the website, and each day new places are added. When we checked out the site, we found amarillo on it. It gives details on where you can find the drug, who to buy it from and how police enforce the city.

Lt. Erick Bohannon of the Amarillo Police Department said, "What was in that website, it's laughable. It's nothing I would take to heart because our enforcement of the drug laws in Amarillo, if that's what that guy or gal thinks we're doing, that's good because they don't have a clue on what we are doing."

Bohannon says police have already arrested more than two hundred people in Amarillo this year for possession of marijuana. He says those who visit the site should not fall into the myth of what is being suggested.