New electronic water meters for Amarillo

New electronic water meters are in place throughout the city of Amarillo and could mean a change for you.

New electronic meters could show up in your back yard soon.

Officials say they are ready to replace the more than 67 thousand old meters in town, meters that require a manual read.

Those factors include how the meter works in rain, snow, and heat.

Not only are the new meters more reliable they are more accurate, reading exactly how much water you are using.

The new meters also take away human error to your bill by digitally recording data instead of the old way of writing it down by hand.

The city now has two options to read your water meter, a hand held device like this one or a computer system, which will read any meter with in 500 feet"

Officials says the city currently has 35 hundred meters replaced and are aiming to replace 45 hundred each year

Officials say over time these new meters could save money and keep rates from going up in the future.