Catfish Stocking at Medipark

Just in time for a day of free fishing, Medipark Lake is now stocked with close to 1,000 new channel catfish.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocked the lake Thursday morning and will continue to do so almost every two weeks throughout the summer.

On Saturday June 2nd, every single Texan will be allowed to fish for one day without purchasing a Texas fishing license. Daily limits will still apply, and for Medipark Lake, the limit is 5 fish per day.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife has teamed up with the Don Harrington Discovery Center to provide rods, reels, hooks, lines, and sinkers available for checkout on the south shore of Medipark Lake. The equipment is available Tuesday through Sunday during the Discovery Center's business hours. Late fees will apply if the euipment is not returned and you are responsible for damage to the equipment.

TPWD says the purpose of the Free Fishing Day is to get more Texans involved in the outdoors and for some to discover the joys of fishing.