Local leader seeks pump relief

Drivers in Amarillo and across the nation are finding few breaks at the pump this week.  AAA notes the national average for gas prices remains around $3.20 a gallon, fueling one local representative to seek some long term relief.   Congressman Mac Thornberry tells me drivers should not expect the federal government to help ease prices in the short term, but he hopes to change things down the road. Thornberry says the key to curbing gas prices is greasing the wheels for more oil production within the U.S.   He notes a new oil refinery hasn't been built in the country in decades.  "Alot of what we need to do is just untie their hands. The federal government has just put so many areas off limits, that we are just in a way cutting off our nose to spite our face. It just doesn't make sense," he says. "we've made it too hard and costly with lawsuits and regulations to build a new refinery. And so we're looking to kinda cut through some of the paperwork and make that possible again."  Thornberry says he's currently working on an energy bill to promote not only more oil production, but nuclear and wind production as well.