Keeping Children Safe

When children are left home alone, several dangerous things could happen that's why there are dozens of child care facilities in our area aimed to keep your children safe without breaking your budget.

Day cares, summer camps, vacation bible schools.
   There are lots of places kids can stay now that school is out where parents do not have to fork out a lot of money.
   For example, we found some that only charge twelve dollars a day or are free compared to other child care facilities that charge close to six hundred dollars a month.
   "Sometimes money is an issue but leaving them home alone is a bigger issue, but we just try to work out between me and her and family," says Sonya Thompson, who has her grand daughter in day care.
   Jessica Torres, another parent whose child is in day care, adds, "there's a lot of help out there, you just have to look into it. If you're willing to work, go to school, better yourself, there are programs out there that will help you with child care."
   From playing outside to indoor crafts, children have plenty of activities to keep them safe and entertained during the summer.
   "Father than being left at home in front of the TV, my daughter gets the interaction with all the other kids and I get to go to school and concentrate and not have to worry about her," says Torres.
    Local parents and child care administrators suggest children should always have adult supervision.