Family Denied Shelter

Laurie Starr, Faced Storm on Way to Fritch
Laurie Starr, Faced Storm on Way to Fritch

Facing severe weather on the road can be dangerous, especially when you have no safe place to go. One family denied shelter when the dangerous storms struck our area.  The fear in Laurie Starr's voice is unmistakable. "It was terrifying for all of us and my kids especially," she says.

Terrifying when she had to face the storm on the road, after a gas station clerk refused to let her family and others wait out the storm in a Spearman store.  "Ijust couldn't believe it that she would not allow for people to seek shelter there and we had nowhere else to go." The gas station manager tells us evacuating the store is company policy. However, we called numerous stations in Amarillo, and none of them said they'd deny shelter in such a case.

If a storm catches you with nowhere to go, there are ways to protect yourself.  Storm Track 10 Meteorologist "Doppler" Dave Oliver notes, "you're still better off abandoning your vehicle for a low place like a deep ditch or a pipe or culvert under the roadway because cars become airborne in tornadoes."

Starr says if she's ever caught in the same situation again, she'll look for a police station to help find local shelter.