NewsChannel 10 Investigates Fake Police Lights

NewsChannel 10 has an update on an exclusive story we brought you in March.  It involves a sexual assault crime and someone impersonating a border patrol agent.

Police now tell us that the case is very active but they cannot release any details at this time. The woman involved says she was pulled over by someone in an unmarked vehicle with police lights. She says the man identified himself as an immigration official.  She says he sexually assaulted her in the back of his vehicle.

Because of that incident we wanted to know what it takes to imitate an undercover cop car. NewsChannel 10 purchased fake lights online, then asked people if they would pull over if they saw them.  They said yes they would and yes the lights looked real, but they were not. They told us it's scary and wrong that people can get the lights online.

We also showed the Amarillo Police Department, they say it's unsafe for the public. They say it is legal to buy them but illegal to put them in your vehicle or use them to pull people over.

The next time you see lights behind you police recommend you pull over in a well lit public area . Crack your window just a little so you can speak to the officer.  Ask to see their ID or badge if your not sure they are a real officer.

If they start to do something that you feel is not just not right call 911.