Vecinos Unidos, Neighbors United

Parts of southeast Amarillo are full of sore sights, trash and graffiti line the alleyways. Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg met with several groups tonight who want to revamp the area. She reports on how they hope their effort curbs crime.

The project is being called "Vecinos Unidos", or neighbors united. They hope a major clean-up in June will spread the message that crime won't be tolerated in the area.

"Much of the graffiti we run into is gang affiliations of various calibers anywhere from assault to misdemeanors to felonies. A cleaner environment wards off the violence and vandalism," says Officer Tim Roberts.

The graffiti is accompanied by trash. From tires and bottles to debris. It's not just a couple walls or fences covered in graffiti and surrounded by trash, it's blocks and blocks of this scene. Neighbors are tired of it.

"Most of us that have lived in this neighborhood for a long time we can't afford to move or anything, so we really want to take care of it," says Sandra McGowan.

The target area to clean up is from the railroad tracks to eastern and I-40 up to Southeast 3rd.

So community leaders hope to motivate residents on June 30th to pick it up and paint over it.

"The children seeing the trash and graffiti that's not a good example, these are elementary and we are trying to teach them but how can we teach them when they are having to look at it," says McGowan.

"Clean it up now before it gets any worse or there's more deterioration," says Officer Roberts.

For more information on how you can participate contact Officer Damian Bruhn or Officer Time Roberts at 672-6076 or email and