Area Nursing Home May Be Closing Down

Nursing home residents in Boise City may be forced to move far away from their families because the facility they live in simply can't afford to stay open.  Newschannel10's Tina Berasley has the story.

On July 14th, the Cimarron County Nursing Home will close its doors due to financial troubles, a decision administrators say was based on the needs of the community.  CEO Dave Peyok explains: "The hospital is breaking even and making it on its own.  The long-term care side isn't and that's pulling [the budget] down.  So if everything were to remain status quo, exactly the way it is, we would lose everything eventually."

Donnalee Millard has only lived in the Cimarron County Nursing Home for a year, but to her it is home.  When asked how she felt about being forced to move, Millard replies, "Not happy.  It's a good facility; it's well run, it's clean, it's easy to get stuff that you need."

To help keep Donnalee and close to fifteen other residents in Boise City, hospital administrators are appealing to state and federal medicaid groups.  Their next meeting is on Monday.  Hospital administrators want to change the number of long-term patients allowed to stay in the hospital, so they'd only have to relocate a few doors down, instead of miles and miles away. 

Nursing home administrator Donna Cain says, "Families have been able to come in on a daily basis, whereas now they'll have to move and now they'll have to make a day of going to see them.  So I feel sad about that.  Everybody has to do what they have to do to make it work, but our community does need to have medical care.

Donnalee adds, "Its giving up what you hoped would be your final home, or close to it."