Harley Owners gather at the Texas HOG Rally

Norm Fisher, Event Coordinator
Norm Fisher, Event Coordinator

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are filling up the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Amarillo this afternoon.

It's all part of the Texas State HOG Rally, an even that could significantly impact Amarillo's economy.

Every where you look you can't help but see and hear a motorcycle. About 4,000 Harley Davidson members are expected to be here.

These are people not only from the area but people from across the country, even Canada.

This rally is plain and simple, bring Harley owners together for fun. And their "fun" is expected to bring an economic boom to Amarillo, two-million dollars worth.

The last time this event happened in Amarillo was back in 1999. In order to bring it back local Harley members went to Austin to bid on it.

If you are a Harley member you have until 9pm tonight to come on down to the fairgrounds and register.

Some of that money from the HOG Rally is going into the hotel industry. We found out almost every hotel in Amarillo is booked through Sunday.

We also found out because of the HOG Rally, some extra law enforcement will be on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.