COPY-2005 Triple Bottom Line Report

A report on the social, environmental and economic impacts of Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy provides essential electricity and natural gas to millions of customers in cities and towns throughout our 8-state service territory. We have served in this capacity for more than 100 years and today are one of the nation's leading utility companies.

We are proud of our rich heritage and proven track record: delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective energy to our customers; protecting the environment through responsible business practices and leadership in renewable energy; and creating a quality workplace that respects all people. We are committed to sustaining our business for the long-term so we can meet the needs of our employees, customers and communities for generations to come.

Each of us at Xcel Energy is guided by our corporate values and a shared commitment to fulfill our mission:

"Our company's vitality comes from doing what we do best - being a top utility - and growing by doing it better. We are committed to satisfying our customers by continuously improving our operations to be the lowest-cost, most-reliable, environmentally sound energy provider."

To achieve our mission, it is imperative that we work to maintain and build a position of financial strength while contributing to the greater issues and concerns of society - such as social responsibility, environmental leadership and economic impact. This is what our Triple Bottom Line is all about, and I am pleased to share with you our 2005 performance in these areas.

At Xcel Energy, we have much to be proud of and, in the pages to follow, we've sought to give you a full sense of who we are, what we do and how we are working to make a positive impact on our communities. We hope you also gain a greater understanding of how we're planning ahead to continuously improve our operations and meet the challenges before us.

Thank you for your interest in Xcel Energy.


Richard C. Kelly

Chairman, President and CEO

Download 2005 Triple Bottom Line report (2.4 MB pdf). Please note that this is a large file that will require significant download time.