Cactus Tornado Victims Get Trailers

FEMA trailer homes are on the ground in Cactus, for families who were devastated by last month's dangerous tornados.  
Three weeks after the tornado flattened homes in Moore county, 6 trailers are being set up for those families that lost it all. 

The homes were hauled in from a lot in Amarillo over the past week. Private contractors are now working to get electricity and utilities working in these homes.FEMA tells us they have plans to bring in as many as 40 trailers to the city, but that number could change as more families contact the organization.

FEMA's Kim Pease says "The thing that people need to do is pick up the phone and register with FEMA. Once they register with FEMA they are eligible for a multitude of programs. They do have until July 2nd to register but it's important they do it right away so that we can get them the assisstance they need". 

Pease tells us the trailers are also being set-up for families in Tulia, and one family in each city has already moved in.