Online Bullying

Bullying used to be something that only happened on the school playground or in crowded hallways, but now kids deal with it in a whole new place, online.

It's a new problem affecting students nationwide. Many young people now use sites like Myspace and Facebook to bully or threaten other students.   NewsChannel 10 spoke with a few Canyon students who say it has not happened to them but has happened to people they know.

They say they do not think it's a problem yet but say people should be aware of it. Canyon school officials agree and say if a student has a bully problem at school or online, they will help resolve the issue any way they can.

In a recent online survey with 824 middle and high school students across country, 43% report someone cyber-bullied them. One thing students can do to prevent cyber bullying is block everyone from their Myspace or Facebook who is not their friend.