How to use a Defibrillator

If you ever have a family member suffer a heart attack....

What would you do?

Just fifteen minutes of training could make it possible for anyone to stop cardiac arrest.

Health reporter, Noelle Gardner show us how to jump start a heart using a defibrillator.

The Amarillo Chapter of the American Red Cross  is spreading the word.. Of how easy it is use to a life saving device.

Julie Stevens with the American Red Cross tells me...

Survival rates increase by 35 percent for people who own an AED

She says anyone with a heart condition should have a defibilator on hand.

" A lot of families have heart conditions that have been through cardiac arrest are getting to where they are.. They are trying to buy these to keep in their homes because in the event of your spouse or loved one goes into cardiac arrest they know if you can get the aed on the victim in usually five minutes.. You've got a higher chance of getting their heart beat again."every second counts when someone's heart goes into cardiac arrest.

Noelle Gardner says, "A defibrillator like this one sends an electric shock to the heart and gets the blood's critical to use the a-e-d within five minutes of cardiac arrest."

"The response time even with the fire department is 2-5 minutes.. And once you past that five minute level it drops a very drops and gets their heart in a rhythm.

Julie Stevens, with the amarillo chapter of the american red cross is giving me training on the proper use of a-e-ds.

"step one.. Turn it on.. Steps two put the pads on.. Place pads on the chest.. Stand back.. Make sure you check for breathing and if the person is not breathing give chest compressions."

Julie tells me that's how you save a life.

Noelle gardner, newschannel 10.