High Gas Prices in Miami

If you think gas is expensive in Amarillo, wait until you hear what some are paying in Miami.

$3.41 a gallon... and that's for regular.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg went straight to the source in Miami to find out why the small town has one of the highest prices in the panhandle.

Car Care Incorporated in Miami is fielding calls trying to explain the steep price. They say when they bought a new batch of gas this morning it was 25 cents more expensive than last week... And they have no choice but to pass that cost on to the customer.

"It's upsetting when people complain about it because we have no control over it. We're not going to overcharge our customers we feel like the gas is more of a service than anything we can make a living at," says Kay Swart, who owns the store.

In fact, Swart says they are simply covering their operating costs with what they are charging.

"We have credit card fees and pump payments we have the smallest mark up we can have," Swart says.

Their real profit comes in other services they provide. Drivers like Michelle Shiver aren't blaming the local gas stores.

"It's the oil companies that are gouging the prices not the gas stations, they have to make a living too, but it comes back to us the consumer who are suffering for it," says Shiver.

But it's enough to make her stop pumping here, and drive quite a ways to get cheaper gas.

"$3.41 versus $3.06 thats 25 cents cheaper we are driving to Pampa, we have something to do over there but we will be filling up while we're over there," says Shiver.

Swart says the rest of the panhandle should expect their prices to jump again later this week.

"They say it's going to get up to $4 and it seems to be getting there in a hurry," says Swart.

We're told gas prices in Canadian also jumped today to $3.36 a gallon. The cheapest we saw on our trip was in Pampa for $3.06.