Texans could soon catch a break at the pump

To help fight back against sky high gas prices the Texas State Legislature is considering giving Texans a break at the pump. 
Right now a gallon of gas is well over three dollars here in the city, but a new measure involving the tax placed on gas may help bring that cost down.The senate may approve an amendment to Senate bill 1886, that says every gallon of gas you pump in the Lonestar state will be twenty cents cheaper.

The plan, already approved by the house, would eliminate a twenty cent tax for the next 3 months, just in time for the high-priced summer driving season.

Driver Alex Ferguson welcomes any savings."I think it would be great, look at gas prices, we need all we can get. I mean its a lot of gas going to Austin and back and just driving around town, its getting out of hand". 

The author of the bill tells me an average two car family could save as much as 100 dollars a week at the pump if the measure is passed.