Family Opens Doors To Children

Donna Canada, Foster Mother
Donna Canada, Foster Mother

In some baby murder cases like Evyn Vaughn's, other children are taken from the home for their protection.  One local family has welcomed more than a dozen local foster kids through their doors.

A five-year-old boy and his baby sister are the latest to find refuge in this Bushland home.  The Canada family don't know how long the kids will stay, but they do know they'll become attached.

Donna Canada admits, "every child that we come in we risk a broken heart. And we do grieve with every child that leaves." But she says opening her doors is worth the risk, especially knowing how few families are willing to do the same.

Child Protective Services spokesman Greg Cunningham notes "there is a backlog of children both that are waiting for an adoptive home, and children that are waiting for a foster home."

"There's a stigma about the children. And people don't understand that these are good loving children that have just had a terrible trauma in their lives, a tragic situation they've been trying to live through," says Canada.

She adds she'll keep opening her doors to foster kids, to help make that living a little easier.