Police Posers Arrested

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to men who say they are the police but end up robbing you, that's what reportedly happened to one Amarillo family less than twenty-four hours ago.

Police say around 2:30 this morning, two 20-year olds kicked in the front door of a house, injured the resident, and stole money. So when neighbors heard about this crime near their home, they were shocked. "It's freighting, when found out about it," says Rufus and Arbella Weatherly, who live next door to where the incident occured.

Police say Domenic Kelly and Ladell Dorsey Jr. were dressed in t-shirts and caps identifying them as police officers. They used pistols to hit one of the residents of this house several times on the head. "In this neighborhood we didn't have anything like that, didn't have problem," say the Weatherly's.

Not only were these neighbors upset, but the incident alarmed the folks who live in this house who are also family members of the victim. "It's not a good feeling that's it's a relative and right next door you know it could have been my home with me, my husband and daughter in there. Really shook up, really glad that the people who did it are apprehended because that's really scary," says Dreal Tarver, neighbor and cousin to the victim.

All the people we spoke with say they will now keep a closer watch on their neighborhood. "Now that this has happened, are you going to take a little more precautions?...oh yes, yes, sure will," say the Weatherly's." Make sure I get some kind of alarm system, definitely won't answer it unless I look out my bathroom window or something," says Tarver.

The two suspects are currently in the Potter County Detention Center on aggravated robbery charges.