FEMA to provide trailers to site of Kansas tornado

HOPE, Ark. (AP) _ The Federal Emergency Management Agency has about 50 trailers ready to be sent to Greensburg, Kansas, which was largely wiped out by a tornado. The trip includes a staging stop in Amarillo, Texas.

Most of the mobile homes will come from Hope, Arkansas, while some will be sent from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

FEMA has about 85-hundred trailers at the airport in Hope --ready to move out to disaster sites.

Agency spokesman Earl Armstrong says four office-style trailersalso will head to Kansas from Florida and Baton Rouge.

Armstrong says the mobile homes would first be sent to Amarillo, where they will be staged until Kansas is ready to hook them up.

FEMA spent two-point-seven (b) billion dollars to buy 145-thousand mobile homes and trailers after Hurricanes Katrina and

Rita hit the Gulf Coast in 2005.