Investigation into Illegal Trash Burning in Stinnett

Concerns are being raised in Stinnett over illegal trash burning. The state is looking into it... so are we. The city says it burned debris legally a week ago. But a Stinnett citizen claims that may not be the case. Either way the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is investigating.

Pictures of the scene in question... e-mailed to NewsChannel 10. A viewer claiming fiber and other materials were illegally burned here.

And now the TCES has stepped in. "We're doing an investigation right now," says Eddy Vance.

Probing whether the city broke the rules. "We just look to see if there was anything unauthorized in the pile," he says.

According to Texas law legal burning includes.... "Only untreated lumber, brush, tree limbs, plant growth," he says.

We came to the site to see for ourselves. And check this out... there are actually pieces of metal scattered around this burned pile. And if you take a look over my shoulder you will see another pile full of metal just yards away.

The city manager tells us the batches are in the same spot simply because there is nowhere else to put them.

"All we are burning is tree limbs and grass... the piles of wood and fiberglass are at the site... the will be disposed of properly... we are not burning the illegal items," says Mike Lamberson, the interim city manager.

Meantime, the city manager admits he did not get final approval to burn in the first place. They sent in a request to the state but never heard back.

We of course will let you know what comes out of this investigation.