Meth Disguised As Candy

It's a dangerous drug that is now being disguised as candy to lure your children. "Smurf dope"..."Strawberry Quick"...or "Strawberry Delight".

These are all code names used to describe color-flavored meth which looks just like candy. "Taking strongest, most toxic drug and introducing to our children," says Pastor Michael Decker, a field intervention director.

Here's how, drug dealers are using candy and drink mixes to disguise the drug as sweets in hopes to attract younger people. "They're trying to get 7-12 year olds hooked so become dealers by early teens," says Decker. Decker says although youngersters are being targeted, adults can also easily be fooled.

"When I see picture, think if I was a child absolutely want to take," says Melynn Huntley, AISD Impact Futures. "Most adults would not know especially when it's colored, they're going to think rock candy, see at a house and take just as easily,"says Decker.

Although the Amarillo Independent School District and police have not seen any cases of the strawberry flavored meth, Decker says he has. "We've seen in Perryton, Dalhart, been in Amarillo for over a month," says Decker.

The best advice for parents, talk to your children about the dangers of drugs and tell them to not take anything from a stranger.