Storm Shelters Selling Out

We are just in the heart of severe weather season and one local business is keeping busy to help keep families safe during wicked conditions.

"This is our best year in 14 years," says Darrel Podzemny of Storm Track Shelters, Inc. This local storm shelter business is selling these life saving chambers by the handful. So far this year, they have already sold 25 more tornado shelters or safe rooms than all of last year. 
"We're way behind right now. A normal year, we're doing about 75 shelters, this year we've already done about 105 and we've got a waiting list of 70," says Podzemny.

The FEMA rebate program has kept business steady. The severe weather season is also keeping them busy. In fact, they are installing about two of these storm shelters everyday throughout the whole panhandle. "The wait right now is about a month, somewhere in that neighborhood and even if it's this fall when they get their shelter, they'll be ready for next season," says Podzemny.

The owner says even if you have to wait, these shelters can save lives so it's a good idea to have one handy since the panhandle weather can be unpredictable. "I think everybody needs one, it's real important, you never know when severe weather is going to hit,"says Jordan Podzemny.

"You never know what a tornado is going to do, might hit here or jump and hit another house.If you have a place to go that's key, especially in mobile homes and that type of structure," says Podzemny.