Spike of Burglaries in Clovis

A recent spike in car burglaries in Clovis has caught police by surprise. They've had to make 9 arrests in connection with more than 70 burglaries that took place around town in April.

One detective describes his department as being consumed with investigating the burglaries. They've had to put other duties on the back burner to try and catch the thieves.

"We're in the process of using different operations like bait cars - it's difficult whenever you have the entire city and there isn't a specific spot of where they will be, we're just trying to increase patrols and do different stuff to track down whoever is left out there," says Detective Waylon Rains, with the Clovis Police Dept.

The burglaries took place largely in the southwest part of town and at the mall. Rains says there were few actual break-ins because most victims left their cares unlocked - which is a common mistake.

"If I leave it unlocked I don't worry about it, but I do every once in a while lock my car," says Anne Jezek, an area resident.

Leaving valuables in plain sight is another no-no. Rains says in most cases property isn't recovered because suspects sell them off immediately.

"You should never leave your doors unlocked the majority of these are crimes of opportunity," says Detective Rains.

Officers say car burglaries are up about 10% more than this time last year. They are often connected to drug use and gang activity.