Gas Prices Hitting Delivery Businesses

The jump in gas prices is leading to major problems for some businesses.

And you... Are affected.

It not only hurts to look at these prices... at gas stations...

But also... when you get something delivered... like flowers.

The signs say it all...

"It's pitiful."

"Oh man, it's outrageous!"

$3.09 to filler up.

"Thank you for calling Scott's Flowers."

This businesses is feeling it.

"The whole 9 yards it puts a strain on everybody," says Nick Albracht, Assistant Manager.

Products are being hauled in from as far away China. From the flowers to the vase right down to the water it is costing this company more to pay for these shipments.

But, that also includes you...

"We are going to have to go up a little on our delivery charges," Mary Ruth Albracht, Manager.

A dollar more.

And with Mother's Day around the corner... they're running a tight ship... to try and save on fuel.

"We have had to organize all of our deliveries to not back track," she says.

"When you figure all these things it may be pennies on the dollar but its perishables and every penny counts," he says.

At the flower shop...

On the delivery route...

It's a trickle down affect...

That a lot of people hope... will take a turn... at the pump.

"Go down, whether it would happen or not I doubt it," she says.

Flower shops aren't the only ones affected by the rising prices...

Just about any delivery driver in any business is feeling it too.