Skellytown Mayor Update

A sex offender will be re-elected as mayor of Skellytown. That's because Warren 'Red' Mills, is the only person who ran for the position.

The city secretary tells me that the election scheduled for May 12 has been cancelled, because the mayor and a council member were running unopposed. That means Mills, who pleaded guilty to indecency with a child in April, will continue to hold the position despite some obstacles.

He was sentenced to five years probation. Conditions in that probation forbid him to:

- have or use a computer connected to the internet

- participate in activities that include minors

- go within 300 feet of a school, day care facility, playground or public swimming pool.

"I don't see how the man can do his duties on the terms of his probation - he should step down," says Glenn Smith, a Skellytown resident.

Even Carson County Attorney Scott Sherwood says it will be tough for Mills to follow those rules because of Skellytown's size, unless the Hutchinson County probation office adjusts them.

So we asked Mills probation officer if adjustments have been made, he told us 'no'. He says Mills will have to follow the rules like any other sex offender.

Some residents question why Mills decided to run for mayor again given the situation. The city secretary says it was a last minute decision to file for the office, because no one else had.