Where Does The Water Go After It Rains? Newschannel 10 Found Out

When we receive heavy rains, like we have this week in Amarillo, it could cause flooding.

But the city has a plan to prevent that from happening. When it pours like it did Wednesday night, all that runoff goes into small lakes around Amarillo.

The city has to move this water too or else you eventually have the same flooding problem.   So when the lakes get to certain levels, special pumps distributes the water to other lakes around town. Eventually all of the water flows into the Canadian River.

Last year the city did not run the pumps that much but this year is different.  The city already used all the money allotted to pay for the electricity to run the pumps. Now they will have to use money from other accounts to pay for it for the rest of the year.

It's an important step to control flooding and keep you safe.