Randall County Alcohol Destruction

With proms and graduations taking place in our area, your underage teen may be tempted to drink alcohol, but the Randall County Sheriff's Office wants you to know they are on the look out.

More than 1100 bottles and cans of liquor have been confiscated from Randall County minors since December which means many teens also have been arrested. 
Hundreds of cans, dozens of bottles, two kegs. All this taken from minors who were trying to drink without getting busted. "So you can see, that's a lot of cans and bottles that we have seized," says Ryan McCarthy of TABC. That's just in five months.

Last year in the same time frame, around 1500 bottles and cans were confiscated. The numbers are also going down in alcohol arrests. Forty-seven minors caught this year with alcohol compared to sixty in 2006. "To know that there's that many teens that have had to pay the fines, been in jail, I think it will show them that it can happen to them, it happened to all those other teens," says Jodi Wilson, a local teen.

For every bottle and can poured out, officials say they hope teens get the message if you drink, you will get caught. "We want to do make everybody aware including parents alcohol is a huge problem," says Capt. Roger Short, Randall County Sheriff's Office.

"It will make us think more about our decisions, think I could get an MIP, I could get a ticket," says Rachael Burrus, a high school student. "That big of an amount of liquor at one time it'll put a scare in some people's minds," says Hayden Cornelius, a 17 year old.

Officials say parents can help prevent underage drinking by making sure they know where and who their teens are with.