Gas Prices Stressing Amarillo Families

As gas prices increase so does the stress level for many Amarillo families.

And today, gas hit a record high of $3.09 a gallon for regular, premium is up to $3.29.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg tells us how one local family is coping.

I spoke with the Syrus family this evening about how they are cutting out fun time and replacing it with work time to keep up with rising gas costs. Their fear is, this is only the beginning.

"Where's my bill money it's stressful for me. It costs a lot to put gas in these vehicles and for me to go to work and everytime I turn around I'm putting gas in my vehicle," says Shannon Syrus, who works two jobs to support her family.

Syrus owns a maid business, and gas is vital to get her to clients homes for work. She says gas alone costs her $320 a month. So raising the price to clean her customers homes was her first move.

"I almost lost a couple, but I worked with them because they could only afford to pay me what they could, so I left their prices alone because I didn't want to lost them," says Syrus.

When that wasn't enough, the family had to cut out activities like bowling or the movies so there is enough to get around.

"Just being tight with my money and making sure the bills are paid and I have gas in my van, that's pretty much it," says Syrus.

Now, all she can do is hope for the best.

"The highest one is $322? Lord, how much more is it going to go up, I stress out about that," says Syrus.

You can still find gas for less than $3 a gallon, but people are afraid those prices will go up, before they go back down.