Hereford High School put on Lock-down

Hereford High School was locked down yesterday while the search was on for missing weapon involved in a local attack. Police tell us the gun belonged to one of it's students, who remains in jail.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley brings us that story. Just after eight on Wednesday, Hereford police say 19-year-old Mark Garcia pointed a gun at his mother after an argument at her house on Stanton street.

Police found Garcia twenty minutes later and arrested him just blocks away on the campus of Hereford High School. But, they tell us an important piece of the puzzle was missing.

Capt. Pat Michael said, "We went back and looked for the weapon at the house we couldn't find it, and we asked him where it was, and it was during this time that the school went on lockdown because even though we had him in custody we didn't know where the gun was."

Assistant Principal Ruth Ann Vessels added, "We practice these drills as we have for the last four years, and felt it was in our students best interest that we go into lockdown mode and make sure that everything was okay".

Police say a city employee found the gun in the restrooms at Langley Park. Garcia allegedly dropped it off there on his way to school. Officials at the school were told the weapon never made it to campus, but they still believe putting the school on lockdown was the right move to make.

Vessels added "I had a couple of kids say 'Oh Miss Vessels I was worried about you' and I said 'Well honey, I was worried about you' so I think they were very comfortable with how we handled it".

Garcia was arrested on three seperate charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.