City of Amarillo starts mosquito crackdown

Fight the bite... A message from the City of Amarillo as they start this years mosquito crackdown.

Mosquitoes carry the west nile virus and there could be more of them around this year because we've had so much moisture. Standing water and warm weather are a mosquitoes best friends.

The City of Amarillo is already hitting areas where mosquitoes breed. The city is prepared to be very busy this summer, theyhave a monitoring program every week checking different areas treating re-treating doing different things to control it.

Things such as using chemicals in standing water which kills mosquito larva. They also use special sprays to kill adult mosquitoes.

The latest report from the Texas Department of State Health Services shows no confirmed human west nile cases so far this year.

In 2006 they confirmed 348 human cases... 195 in 2005.... And 119 in 2004. Some of those were in our area. Get rid of any standing water near your home. Where long sleeves and pants and use insect repellant .