iPod Cheating?

Baseball caps and cell phones have long been banned during test time at schools to try and erase cheating, but now with final exams right around the corner for many districts some teachers are targeting a new method that kids are using to make the grade.

iPods aren't only used to stash music anymore, apparently they can also stash information to help students cheat.

"How many students own an iPod?" says Sheila Wiseman, a 7th grade teacher. The answer... a lot. Sheila Wiseman... quizzing her kids... at Westover Park Junior High... They are definitely iPod savvy. "They always have them either in their pockets or backpacks or locker pretty much at all times."

But these days the devices aren't only good for music, some students are using them to record test answers in advance and then play them back.

Others download notes and hide them in the lyrics text files. Westover Park is aware of it, "I know that its out there," says Doug Voran, the principal.

"If there's a way to cheat our kids are going to figure out how to do it," says Wiseman.

"In state testing situations we are very, very concerned about it," says Voran.

And that's why they now ban iPods in classu unless a teacher says its okay.

"99% of the time the policy is no iPods in the classroom its just pretty much not relevant." But Wiseman is still on alert  because after all,  "Eventually technology is going to take over, we have to be ready for what's going to come."

On the flip side some say iPods can be used as learning tools and some schools do use them. But when it boils down to test time unless otherwise noted, they are not allowed.