Tulia Economy Taking a Hit after Tornado

The Tulia economy is taking a hard hit this evening now that nearly 30 of its money makers are gone.

The city simply can't bring in revenue like it did a week ago when 27 businesses were standing. Now in the aftermath of the tornado the economy in Tulia is looking dire.

A cloudy sky reflecting a cloudy future. "The businesses are out of business," says Tulia Mayor Pat George. An entire block now bare, "It's kind of an eerie feeling," says Andy Stewart.

People are out of work, others struggling to keep their businesses open. "It's totally knocked us out of commission for right now anyway," says Bill Marten.

People at the Ford dealership are now reporting back to work but this place isn't exactly bustling with customers,  "It's hard to deal with you want to see employees do well and you don't want anyone to suffer when the business is suffering," says Marten.

Trying to make do with what they have. That's the same for the owner of this Animal Health Supplies Store. "We had to make quite a bit of adjustments," says Stewart.

Adjusting, moving on, but not without worry. "It's gonna be a terrible economic impact on our community as a whole," says George.

"It's gonna be difficult here for a while," says Stewart.

The mayor is hoping some new businesses will move in to the area...

Meantime... people out of work can call 1-800-939-6631... to file for unemployment.