Band-Aid found in Borger McDonald's sandwich

A Borger women says her son found a potentially dangerous item in his fast food at an area McDonalds.

On February 17th Christie Whitmire took her family to a McDonald's in Borger. She says her 6 year old son found this bloody band-aid in his sandwich. Since then they've had his blood tested.

"It's real hard for a parent to explain to him why your having to do this. It's been hard, you don't want to think of the worst hopefully everything will be fine,  I'm sure it will be but in the back of your mind what if that person with the band aid had something" says Whitmire.

Whitmire says her son's first blood test came back normal but she says some diseases take a while to show up and they will continue to have his blood tested to make sure he's OK.

When this incident happened the family left their phone numbers with a manager so the owners could call them. She says they did not call her until today after NewsChannel 10 contacted them.