Scamming Tornado Victims

Tornado victims still struggling to put their lives back together have a new problem to deal with right now: scam artists.  The Better Business Bureau wants tornado victims in Cactus and Tulia to be aware that thieves are traveling door to door making empty promises.

The Bureau tells us that in Moore County a con artist is posing as a loan officer at a local bank and is taking down names and social security numbers of people in the city.  A check is promised, but never delivered.

Officials advise to only give sensitive information to those you trust and call the police if you have any doubt.

"Any official is going to have some kind of indentification.  Don't fall for the fake ID, just call.  Nobody should be out asking for your personal information yet.  We'll have committees that will do that.  You'll be notified through the city," said Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades.

NewsChannel 10 went to the Cactus Police Department to find out if they were investigating the crime.  They tell us that they have heard about con artists, but so far the victims have not come forward to file an official report.