FEMA Tours Tulia

FEMA inspectors took their first in-depth look at tornado damage in Tulia, and now funding to help them rebuild may be on it's way.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley rode along with the group and brings us that story. We traveled Tulia from north to south today with the teams as they took down names and addresses of those hardest hit by the damaging disaster. 
Mayor Pat George was our tour guide, he pointed out both homes and businesses to crews from FEMA and the small business administration. 
The inspectors kept a tally of homes and businesses and their degree of damage. Now that information will be sent to Washington, where President Bush will decide whether or not to declare the area a federal disaster.

FEMA Public Affairs Officer Bill Plumlee said "These people in a lot of these towns are overwhelmed, they don't have the financial capability to handle it themselves so that's what FEMA's designed to do".

Pat George showed us a car dealership with blown-out windows. He said "They're waiting on insurance and I'm guessing they're probably way under insured because its a total loss". And the dealership is not the only one in that situation, the county estimates ninety percent of the insured homes and businesses don't have enough coverage to help them rebuild.

County Judge Harold Keeter said "Most people don't realize that the building cost to replace a home now is at a hundred dollar a square foot now as compared to when they built them and so they're buying the house for 45 thousand but they don't think about insuring it for a hundred thousand, and that's part of the problem". 

If the president signs the declaration there is no telling just how soon the cash will come...or just who it will come to. Homes and businesses are treated separately, and the federal declaration could cover either one or both of those groups.