Texas Senate May Stiffen Dog Attack Laws

Dog owners could soon face stiffer penalties if your animal attacks someone.

A new measure is making its way through the senate right now.

Medi-Park is no stranger to dogs, they have to be on a leash, that's just one of the laws animal owners in Amarillo have to abide by... to help keep the public safe.

Some Texas lawmakers want to take the laws a step further when it comes to dog attacks.

They are working to push a harsher bill that could land owners in jail for up to 20 years if their animal makes an unprovoked attack against someone and seriously injures them.

Animal control is for it, " for the people that aren't being accountable and aren't being responsible pet owners that would really hold their feet to the fire and we like the sound of that" says Shannon Barlow of Amarillo Animal Control

Amarillo recorded a rash of dog attacks last year and Barlow tells us, the incidents haven't let up. The issue is still being discussed in the Senate... and a vote is delayed at this time.

We will continue to track this story for you... And will let you know what is decided.