Disturbing Drawing Found Near Local Middle School

A violent drawing made by a student at River Road Middle School is under investigation by police. 

The drawing is in the hands of school officials here. The Amarillo Police Department says it shows images of stick figures threatening to kill. 

   A River Road middle school parent who wanted to protect her identity says she felt so disturbed by the graphic images that she immediately reported it to the school. 

   She said "I thought I was reading a letter from an adult, other than the illustrations it was very graphic and it had cuss words all in it and my first thought was Virginia Tech. 
   That concerned parent found the note in her yard somewhere in the neighborhood of the school.
    She says it was in a stack of papers that helped the school identify the student.

 She added "I just want it taken care of, I don't want it swept under the rug or anything like that".
    The school's principal Richard Kelley says they have interviewed both the child and his parents and are taking measures to keep safety their top priority. "The problem that we run into is that we need a little bit of trust that we are gonna handle it appropriately because federal privacy laws always dictate that we really can't tell the community what's going on with a particular student".
     At this point, no charges have been filed, but police are looking deeper into the issue.
Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said "So far we've determined again that there was no threats to any person or group of people it was just some rambling type of i'm going to kill type message...but it only takes one, we've glad we got the phone call we've identified them and we'll continue our investigation". 
     I have spoken with the student's father. He tells me there are no guns in his house, and his son, quote, "wouldn't even squish a bug".