Amarillo Man Executed

He's been on death row for ten years for a double murder.  Now NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg talked with an Amarillo man who says that he has accepted his fate.  Ryan Dickson, 30, was executed just after 6pm last night.

He spent his final hours reading, talking with friends on the inside, but mostly thinking about the hideous crime he committed that he wishes never happened.

It was November 27, 1994.  Dickson says that he went to get beer from the Surace's store when the unthinkable happend.  He says that he was only carrying a gun to protect himself from area gangs.  Instead he used the gun to kill the store owners.

He was convicted of killing Carmello and Marie Surace for which he was sentenced twice to death.  Tomorrow, more than twelve years after the crime, he is scheduled to be put to death, despite several attempts to appeal.

Although few family members have visited or written him in prison, those are the people Dickson says that he will miss the most.  He wants the world to know he isn't the same teenager who committed those crimes over a decade ago, and he knows full well what will happen come daylight.

NewsChannel 10s Marissa Bagg was there for the execution and gives her insight into what happened in Dicksons last minutes.