Amarillo Baby Deaths

In just two weeks, two Amarillo babies are dead,both are victims of homicide.
   The latest case is a 14-month-old, but no arrests have been made yet. 
  We found out in 2006 there was only one child death in Amarillo investigated by Child Protective Services. 
   Only four months into 2007, there are already two cases.
   Both CPS and police say this is alarming. 
   "Terrible situation, we rather it never happen but this is child abuse awareness month and we're had two child deaths in Amarillo at this point,"says Greg Cunningham, Child Protective Services.
   "Having two this close together is unusual.This particular case we have them within eleven days of each other," says Lt. Gary Trupe of Amarillo Special Crimes Unit.
   The most recent case involved 14-month old Evyn Vaughn.
   Police were called Saturday night to these apartments after someone reported a child not breathing.
   Autopsy results show the baby died from a hit on the head.
   At this point, police and child protective services are continuing to investigate.
   "There is another child involved, conduct investigation, find out what happened, take appropriate steps to make sure the child is in a safe place where she can flourish,"says Cunningham.

Trupe adds,"there's a lot of work that goes into it and it's really kind of heart wrenching because you're dealing with these little people who didn't have a chance to grow up.
   Cunningham says you can help to keep child deaths down by immediately reporting any child abuse.
   Look out for warning signs such as a change in behavior or physical signs like bruises.