American Red Cross Calls in Support

The American Red Cross has called in volunteers from hundreds of miles away to help them aid victims in both Cactus and Tulia.
     Newschannel10's Tina Berasley took a look inside their efforts in Cactus today, and she brings us that story. 
 Meet Glen and Martha Taylor from Duncan, Oklahoma.
        They've been married for 58 years, and volunteering with the Red Cross for more than a decade. 
Glen said "These people here, they're out of a home, a lot of them are out of a job and everything else you think 'If I help them a little bit, well then thats good'. People's got different ways of helping, but this is our way of helping".
      And they are keeping busy.
    Today alone they helped give out 1500 warm meals to the people of cactus from their emergency response vehicle or ERV. 
    Tornado survivor and Cactus resident Isaac Loya got his lunch from the Taylors today. He said "We're a big family, and there's no way for us to get to the stores or anything to eat, so its hard...I appreciate everything, because they've given us food".
     And that's just one of the tools at the Red Cross' fingertips.
     They also have a mobile communications truck stationed in Cactus, and close to 50 volunteers to support our Panhandle chapter.
Cindy Nickell works at the Eastern Panhandle Chapter of the Red cross. She said "We do these disasters and we send people out to help them, and now they've come back to help us and its wonderful. We cant tell them how much we appreciate them, and most of them are volunteers".
    One of the out-of-town helpers is Anita Foster, from the Red Cross Chapter in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  She added "The Red Cross never really leaves a community, we were here well before the disaster struck and we will be here well after this disaster has passed".