Tulia Making Progress, Clean-up Proving to be Dangerous

Tulia is moving forward this evening days after a tornado ripped through a two-mile stretch of the city.

The mayor estimates 30-percent of the debris from the twister is now cleaned-up.

Right now a curfew will remain in effect in the city from 10 p.m. to six in the morning.

And power is expected to be fully restored by tonight.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin went back to the city today...

As you can see behind me crews are demolishing all that is left of the tornado stricken homes and businesses in Tulia, it is a tough, dirty and hazardous job.

David Eads' home is being torn down right in front of his eyes.

"It's a little sad we've only been here a month its hard to watch it go," says David Eads.

Hard on him.

And hard on the workers.

"We've got nails glass sharp boards stuck in the ground that are just hazards its very dangerous," says Dusty George.

A dangerous job that must be done.

That's why Jayleen Wilfong is collecting supplies.

"We need dust masks we need chapstick," she says.

"A lot of gloves I think they don't have enough gloves," says George.

One of the most critical needs are safety glasses just like this.

They can help guard the workers eyes from debris and wind like today.

"Those items have been hard to come across ... we have quite a bit of plywood coming in we still need shingles and nails and that kind of stuff," says Wilfong.

All to help this community, and help people like Eads bounce back.

"we'll move on," he says.

Someone from the governors office will be in this city tomorrow morning to survey the damage and decide whether the state will offer assistance to this tornado stricken area

And if you'd like to donate any of those supplies call Jayleen Wilfong at 806-336-2518.

Also -- free tetanus shots are being offered at the Department of Health Services at 219 Southeast Second.

And for those who are still shaken by what mother nature did there will free counseling at the First Baptist Church starting tomorrow.